Becoming a Student

MSB Sangha Ceremony

We warmly welcome your interest in exploring Mangala Shri Bhuti, the sangha of Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche. If at any time you wish to speak with someone about becoming a student, please contact one of the Khenchungs, Directors of Study and Practice.

Below is an outline of three approaches students can take to study and practice with Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche. Each represents a different level of commitment to the Buddhist path, to the MSB organization and community, and to Kongtrul Rinpoche as a teacher. Rinpoche fully welcomes each approach, and encourages students to take their time reflecting upon which is most suitable for them. Rinpoche has trained senior students to support those entering the MSB Sangha, offering a wealth of material for use in each stage along the path. 

Modern Day Bodhisattva Training

Modern Day Bodhisattva (MDB) Training offers non-Buddhists and Buddhists alike the opportunity to study Kongtrul Rinpoche’s teachings on self-reflection and a good heart. Led by senior MSB students, the MDB Training explores these topics through studying and meditating on recordings and transcripts of Rinpoche’s teachings. Since this course is designed to address a secular audience, there is no expectation that one will become a Buddhist or join the MSB community after completing the training. 

Mangala Shri Bhuti Public Programs

Each year Kongtrul Rinpoche teaches a series of public programs on topics ranging from beginning to advanced. These programs are appropriate for Buddhist practitioners from any lineage or tradition, as well as for anyone who would like to explore these subjects. While Rinpoche’s teachings stem from the Longchen Nyingtik lineage, the tradition in which he was formally trained, they are steeped in the rimé, or nonsectarian, tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. As a result, Rinpoche has a profound appreciation and respect for all authentic Buddhist traditions. In this spirit, we warmly invite the larger Buddhist community to these programs, to join in the study and practice of Dharma. 

Mangala Shri Bhuti Lineage Training

The MSB Lineage Training program is designed to provide a systematic and progressive training for those who wish to embark on the Vajrayana path of the Longchen Nyingtik lineage under Kongtrul Rinpoche’s guidance. This program consists of a sequence of practice modules through which one progresses under the close guidance of a senior MSB student, referred to as a Study and Practice Representative (SPR). The only prerequisite for enrollment in this program is a sincere commitment to engage with the teachings and to meet regularly with one’s SPR. Enrollment in the Lineage Training is the required first step for anyone interested in becoming a formal Vajrayana student of Kongtrul Rinpoche. Please contact one of the Khenchungs, Directors of Study and Practice, for more information about this program.