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A teaching series with Dungse Jampal Norbu hosted by the San Francisco Shambhala Center.

The most fundamental skill for a spiritual life is self-reflection. Self-reflection provides the basis for understanding ourselves and asking the big questions — the ones that steer our interests, passions, and the search for a meaningful life.

By relying on a path that holds a mirror up to our mind and exposes the corners that are hard to see, we improve this skill of self-reflection. Lojong – the verses on Buddhist mind training – is that mirror. The practice of Lojong shines a light on our neurotic habits and creates an opening for potentially transformative questions.

7:00-9:00 pm MT/6:00-8:00 pm PT

October 5, Weds
October 10, Mon
October 17, Mon
October 19, Weds
November 2, Weds

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