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LINK Teaching with Kelly Smith

Join us this and every Sunday at 10 am MTN time, 12 pm EST, and 5 pm GMT for LINK teachings.

Vajra Assembly

Online: Hosted by Samten Ling

In the Vajra Assembly, Rinpoche discusses deep and subtle Vajrayana topics, such as devotion, pure perception and the sacred world, the power of our sixth consciousness or thoughts, and the importance of bodhicitta practice in post-meditation. For MSB Members only.

Lojong: The Fearless Path

Online: Hosted by Pema Osel

Life is full of uncertainty, and the events that shake us out of our comfort zone are difficult to engage with. During those times it is helpful to have a path forward, a way to work with your own mind. For a Buddhist practitioner, that path is to cultivate bodhichitta - the union of wisdom and compassion. Bodhichitta is the essence of the Lojong teachings.

Wisdom and Compassion – The Essence of Mahayana Buddhism

In this three evening program beginning on December 9th, and broadcast live from Europe (check event page for times), Rinpoche teaches that in order to cultivate compassion we must first recognize, open up to and understand our own suffering. This means looking more deeply and clearly at our fears, our guilt, the desire to be perfect and the habit of indulging our emotions. As we begin to have some objectivity towards our suffering, and recognize the causes of it, we can find a tremendous sense of compassion for ourselves and others, and wisdom begins to dawn.