Rinpoche’s guidelines on participating in the Mahayoga Sangdrup from home

1. One needs to have a shrine to do this practice.

2. Offerings: Each day, one will make an abundant tsok plate and offer a nice liquid such as wine or juice. (There are no prohibited substances for these practices.) One will need three additional small plates, which can be kept to the side until it’s time to use them. The first is the shrine plate for the first portion of the tsok. At the appropriate time in the practice, we will take some offerings from the main tsok plate and put them on the shrine plate. The second plate is for the offerings we take for ourselves during the enjoyment section of the practice. The third plate is for the remainder offering.  (For more detailed instructions about the view and practice of making offerings, read Chapter 8 of the Sangha Manual: Offerings as a Way to Accumulate Merit.)

3. Each day is a complete practice divided into four sessions. You may attend for one or a few individual full days, but please do not plan on joining for assorted sessions here and there.

4. Rinpoche asks that we treat this program as a retreat and minimize our interactions with the outside world on all levels.

On August 21 at 8pm EDT, Joey Waxman will lead a Zoom meeting to give participants some basic information on how to do these practices. You can join the Zoom meeting by clicking here.

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