Pema Osel

Dear  Friend of Pema Osel,          

In 2018, the MSB sangha and friends began the construction of the Temple at Pema Osel do ngak Choling, naming this The Three Jewels Project. Since that time, we have seen the expansion and transformation of the large shrine room that has been blessed by the many teaching and practice programs offered at the center by Kongtrul Rinpoche, Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel, Dungse Jampal Norbu and Ani Pema Chodron. The Pema Osel community and friends generously raised funds for all aspects of this construction, beginning with the stunning Maitreya statue that had held the space in the main shrine room prior to the Temple project. Later, he was joined by Guru Rinpoche — a statue that had blessed the Sangdo Palri Temple during the entire construction process. These blessed rupas will soon be joined by a third rupa, Shakyamuni. In 2021, we will also see the installation of 1000 smaller buddha statues to fill the interior of the Temple space, where the teaching throne now resides. 

Pema Osel Guru Rinpoche

Physical representations of enlightened body, speech and mind in our world remind us of our own potential and enlightened nature. They inspire us and wake us up as soon as we encounter them face to face in the room. When we meet them this way, they are not separate things to worship, but a reminder of our lineage, the teachings, and our potential to wake up to our own nature. Rinpoche plans for Pema Osel to serve as a place of Dharma for a long, long time to come. Having a proper place for the statues deeply roots them in their place, hopefully for generations to come. Rinpoche is asking us collectively and individually to step up and make sure Pema Osel serves in this way, long into the future.

We have successfully raised most of the funds for this $250,000 project. If you are inspired to join in further realizing Mangala Shri Bhuti’s vision for Pema Osel, we invite you to do so.  We recognize that you have likely made generous contributions over the past years for successful efforts to fund construction of the Sangdo Palri Temple and the Tara Dzong on the Samten Ling campus in Crestone, CO.  But not every student of Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche or Pema Chodron or Elizabeth Mattis Namgyal has an opportunity to travel to Colorado to hear them teach.  Pema Osel is a critical space on the East Coast for thousands to hear each of them teach.

Please give generously to improve this home of the dharma so that others in the MSB communities of Canada, Europe and the eastern U.S. can benefit from the Buddhist teachings so relevant and critical for these troubled times.

To make a donation or pledge, please address a check made to MSB and send it to Pema Osel, 322 Eastman Cross Road, Vershire VT 05079.  Please include “Pema Osel Three Jewels Project” in the memo.  To make a pledge send a note to the above address or email Michael McIllmurray at and include the pledge amount and anticipated date(s) of payment. Although we keep a greater percentage of your donation when paid by check, payments via PayPal are gratefully received.  You may use this PayPal link if that is more convenient for you. Please do not use the MSB web store for this donation.  Remember, your donation is tax deductible and you will receive appropriate acknowledgment of your gift.

Thank you for giving this request serious consideration and for any contribution you can make toward realizing Rinpoche’s vision for Pema Osel.

Yours in the Dharma,

Rebecca, Paddy, Michael, Judith, and Jennifer O’Keeffe