Phuntsok Choling

45640 Highway 72
Ward, Colorado 80481
Contact: director_pc@

Phüntsok Chöling is located north-east of Boulder, Colorado along the scenic Peak to Peak Highway in the Rocky Mountains. It is about a 45-minute drive from either Boulder or Longmont and roughly two hours from Denver.


Where do I stay?

There are no accommodations at Phüntsok Chöling itself. For a list of accommodations in the area, see the Accommodations section below. We do not allow camping or car camping on Phüntsok Chöling land.

How do I get there?

You can fly in to the Denver International Airport (DIA) and rent a car and drive to the center using the detailed directions below. Alternately, you can inquire about a carpool from Public transportation is available from DIA to Boulder using the RTD system, on route AB. There is no public transportation to the center, itself.

Where will I eat?

Participants bring prepared lunches or purchase lunch from our Lotus Café. Lunch orders must be made in advance. See your Welcome Email for details. A complementary coffee and tea station is provided for participants.

Is there cell phone reception and internet access?

There is no cell reception within a 10-mile radius of Phüntsok Chöling. We do not offer internet access. A landline is available for emergencies only.

What if I have special needs?

Phüntsok Chöling is accessible to individuals with mobility impairments or other disabilities. Please contact director_pc@ if you have any special needs.

Can I bring my pet(s)?

A pre-approved service animal is allowed for people with special needs. Otherwise, no pets of any type are allowed on Phüntsok Chöling land.

What is the weather like?


Summer: Average temperatures are 40 low – 80 high. Fall: Average temperatures are 25 low – 68 high. Winter: Average temperatures are 4 low – 40 high.

During the summer, the sun is intense so sunscreen protection and a hat are recommended. Rain or afternoon thunderstorms are frequent possibilities so bring rain gear. Nights and early mornings can be chilly so it’s always useful to have something warm for layering.

Winters can be very snowy, windy, icy and dry. Bring your warmest clothes, layers, and snow boots.

What is the terrain like?

The parking area is a few hundred feet from the main shrine room. The terrain is rocky and the elevation is high. There are steep stairs and gravel pathways. Sturdy walking shoes are essential in the summer and snow boots with good grip are best for the winter.

What about the facilities?

This is a very dry climate and water is scarce. The land does not support indoor plumbing for large groups. All participants use outhouses, which are located 50- feet from the shrine room with a hand-washing station.

Drinking water is provided for participants, but please bring your own water bottle.

What is the altitude?

The altitude at Phüntsok Chöling is roughly 9,000 feet. If you live at a location near sea level you may experience some physical effects from the higher elevation. It is recommended to drink plenty of water prior to and during the day of travel, and arrive very well hydrated. If you are concerned about altitude sickness, please read more at

What should I bring?

• Katag (prayer scarf)

• Envelope for final day’s teacher offering

• Meditation cushions are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own

• Notebook, pens

• Water bottle

• Sunglasses, sunhat, sunscreen (summer)

• Clothing that you can layer, shawl, sweater, etc.

• Rain poncho/small folding umbrella (summer)

• Comfortable shoes or boots

What should I leave at home?

• Pets
• Firearms or other weapons
• Illegal drugs or alcohol


From Boulder:

From Boulder, take Broadway north, turn left onto Lee Hill Drive. After 1.3 miles at Lee Hill Road you have a choice to continue going straight or take a sharp, hairpin left turn. Take the sharp left and follow the steep, winding road (4.4 miles) up and over the hill until it dead ends into Left Hand Canyon Drive.

Turn left onto Left Hand Canyon Drive (Hwy 106) and continue following that road for almost 10 miles. As you follow that road, Left Hand Canyon Drive automatically becomes Indiana Gulch Road, then Utica St. It passes through the town of Ward (drive slowly! 15 mph) and then continues upward through a short steep winding part (same road, but technically this part of it is named Nelson Street). When you reach the Stop sign with the major intersection, turn Right onto the Peak to Peak Highway (Hwy 72) and drive north (towards Estes Park).

Very shortly after turning right, you will pass a small restaurant on the left called the Millsite Inn, from here it is approximately one mile until you see a little valley with houses and a barn to your right. (Total of 1.5 miles on Peak to Peak Highway). Once you see the 50 MPH sign, slow down. You will see the mail box number 45640. Turn right onto the dirt road that passes between the Barn and the House (do not enter the driveway to the house or to the barn).

Drive extremely slowly (5 mph) and carefully on this dirt road (even if you’re late!). Stay right at the fork and continue to the end of the road — past the parked cars on your left, past the stairway — to the cul-de-sac, which is the only place to safely turn your car around. Don’t park in the cul-de-sac, but rather, do a three point turn around, then drive back up the road you just came down and park in an available space among the other cars.

NOTE: It is very important to follow these directions and go to the end of the road to turn your car around before parking.

Walk to the stairway and go up the stairs. Walk past the first house (cabin) on your right. The second building is the main center and is where registration, check-in and further details are available.

Alternate route from Boulder:

You can also take Canyon Blvd. west from Boulder into the mountains. When Canyon Blvd. reaches a four way roundabout in Nederland, continue straight ahead (by going half way around the roundabout). That road automatically becomes the Peak to Peak Highway. Keep following that Peak to Peak Highway towards Estes Park, It is approximately 20 miles until you pass the Millsite Inn. See the directions above for how to continue to the center from there.


Phüntsok Chöling has no accommodations, but there are various places to stay in the area. A number of towns, from 20 to 45 minutes away, offer accommodations. Nederland is the closest and both Boulder and Longmont offer a variety of hotel and motel options.

Boulder lodging information can be found at and Both websites contain information about a wide variety of accommodations/price ranges.

Nederland is a small community about 20 minutes from Phüntsok Chöling. Lodging information can be found at


Due to the delicate nature of the environment, camping is not permitted at Phüntsok Chöling. This includes campers, RVs and car camping.

We are located near the Roosevelt National Forest, which offers campgrounds. Campsites may be reserved from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Reservations can be made at Some campsites are available on a first-come, first served basis. Information on the following campgrounds as well as National Forest rules and regulations and fire restrictions can be found at