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  • NSS Lunch: Day 04, Tues. 7/11


    Etai’s Veggie Box: $13.80 – $14.80 (GF)
    Sliced Tomato, Grated Carrot, Red Onion, Cucumber, Arugula, Sprouts, Dutch Edam Cheese and Horseradish Dijon served on Multigrain Bread. Kettle Chips. Raspberry Fruit Bar.

    Thai Rice Noodle Salad (vegan): $16.80
    Rice Noodles and Roasted Tofu with Purple Cabbage, Carrots, Green Onions, Edamame, Ginger and Romaine Lettuce served with Peanut Sesame dressing. Spring Mix Blend with Classic Ranch Dressing. Fresh-baked bread. Brownie.

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