We welcome you to listen to a selection of recent teachings by Dungse Jampal Norbu. These and other talks can be found on our LINK Podcast.

Zeal in Practice


We may have a passion to practice, but how do we determine whether our ego is getting involved, too? As Dungse-la ironically observes in this talk, “The funny thing about ego is, it wants to be validated, while we as sentient beings want to be happy.” This link presents a subtle and practical understanding of how to practice diligently with a sense of humor, rather than practicing intensely and stressing ourselves out with our ego-attachments. (60 mins.)


Contentment: The Supreme Treasure of Not Wanting To Be Anywhere Other Than Where You Are


In this talk, Dungse-la opens up a conversation about being okay with who we are, not needing or wishing to strive constantly for something different. Certainly, we all possess the intelligence to overcome our own particular discontent. Participating and enjoying worldly activities can readily coexist with “simply being normal.”  But with the stimulation and allure of mainstream culture, can we be discerning enough to know what we truly need? (44 mins.)


Fear, Being Fearful, and Fearlessness: Cutting the Roots of Attachment and Aversion


Dungse-la addresses fear, being fearful, and fearlessness. He notes that not all fear is “negative”; some fear arises from a biological intelligence, and serves to protect us from further suffering. The fear that enslaves us and makes us suffer, however, clearly arises from attachment and aversion. We can remedy this fear through consistent recognition and practice, and ultimately through the meditative experience of emptiness. (40 mins.)