Weather Conditions

Please keep in mind that weather conditions can vary drastically in the mountains during the fall season. At the end of September, it could be warm and sunny, or blustery and cold (it can even snow!).  Please bring warm layers, sturdy shoes (the retreat land is rocky), and in general be prepared for any kind of weather.

Important Note About Getting to Temple

As most of you know, the Sangdo Palri Temple is at the top of a long, steep road. We ask that no one drive, or attempt to drive, their cars up the hill. This goes for EVERYONE, regardless of what you are doing in relation to the program. If needed, there will be special exceptions for certain area heads, but this should be cleared in advance with the events staff. Your compliance with this ensures the safety of everyone driving on the road.

We will be providing a shuttle service in the morning before sitting and the morning talk, and shuttles down after the day is finished. We ask everyone to comply with this and get yourself on a shuttle in time to be present and settled before Rinpoche arrives for the talk.  Note that we will not be offering shuttles at the lunch break. PLEASE PLAN to stay up at the temple the entire day.

We will start shuttling at 8:00am, in order to get those helping with morning preparation and registration up the hill early. Sitting starts at 9:30am, and we suggest that people try to be up the hill in order to participate in this. It is a wonderful opportunity to practice together in this wonderful space. If you need to come a little later, please note that the last shuttles will leave the gate at 10:15am.

If you prefer and are able bodied enough to walk up the hill, you may do that. Please note that for someone in good shape, this is a steep 30 minute walk (1 mile uphill on a dirt rocky road).

Driving Directions and Parking

From Moffat, turn onto County Road T heading toward Crestone. In approximately 11.7 miles you will see two white gates, which are the entry to the Baca subdivision. Take a right into the Baca and go approximately 2.2 miles until you come to Willow Creek Way. (You will cross over Willow Creek just before you see Willow Creek Way.) Turn left onto Willow Creek Way (toward mountains) and then take the first right onto Summit View Way. Drive up Summit View (approximately ¼ mile) until you see the gate for Longchen Jigme Samten Ling. There will be parking attendants there to help you park along the road and along the cul de sac near Tsering Yangchil.

Vajra Assembly Lunch

We are offering a $12 catered lunch each day ($24 for 2 lunches on Saturday and Sunday) which can be purchased and pre-ordered along with this program. Lunch (all vegetarian, gluten-free) will be organic Southeast Asian cuisine provided by a local caterer. We need all lunch orders one week before the program, so the cut off date for ordering lunch is September 19th. Please know that we can make no exceptions to this.

If you do not want to purchase lunch, or register after the deadline, please bring a packed lunch with you, as there will be no other options for food at the temple. Since we are asking all participants to stay up near the temple for the day, this is something we want everyone to be very clear about. The lunch break is only 1 and ½ hour, and there will be no shuttles down the hill at lunch.

Please note that since the temple is still under construction and not yet fully functional, we have no refrigeration to offer and also no microwave or other way to heat food. Please bring your food in a cooler, if needed, and please bring food that does not require reheating.

We will provide water and tea at lunchtime


The deadline for Vajra Assembly 2014 childcare is August 15. If you have not registered for childcare by this date, please know that we are unable to accommodate children who are not pre-registered. Because this year’s Vajra Assembly will be held while the Sangdo Palri Temple is still under construction, we cannot safely provide childcare at the temple during the program.  Please make other arrangements for childcare if you have missed the childcare registration deadline for this year.

No Pets

Please plan to leave your pets at home.


There is limited accommodation available with sangha members in Crestone. If you would like some help inquiring about availability, please contact our accommodations coordinator at: hospitality_vajra ‘at’

There are also a variety of hotel rooms and B & B’s in the area. Here is a list of the most popular. Others may be found online.

Crestone Baca Grande Accommodations: 719-256-4243

Casa del Sol – Downtown Crestone Lodging: 719-256-5788

Silver Star Retreat House/ B&B: 719-256-4686

Sangre De Cristo Inn: 719-256-4975

Enchanted Forest Bed and Breakfast: 719-256-5768

The Coll House: 719-256-4475

Rainbow Bed and Breakfast: 719-256-4110

Willow Creek Retreat House: 928-536-7627

Shangrilah Sanctuary: 719-256-4768

I Am Harmony: 719-256-4810

Casa Alegria: 719-256-5116

Baca Townhouse #9: 505-670-0126