The Buddhist teachings ask us to examine all aspects of our experience and to question our preconceptions and habitual beliefs. Through this examination we become aware of the fundamental wish for happiness which we and all beings share, and the desire to be free from suffering that accompanies it. Our life acquires a clarity of purpose: to uncover the buddhanature that is our natural inheritance as human beings. Following a path to liberation becomes our utmost priority, for our own and others’ benefit.

Mangala Shri Bhuti is founded upon these principles, and the evolution of our organization has had one core purpose: to bring beings liberation from suffering.


MSB is a part of the Longchen Nyingtik and Khyen-Kong-Chok-Sum lineages. In the Vajrayana tradition of those lineages, each practitioner’s journey to liberation unfolds in the context of the teacher-student relationship. In a similar way, the growth of our sangha occurs under the close guidance of our teacher, Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche. Every step forward, for both individual students and the community as a whole, reflects the dance between the wisdom of the teacher and the aspirations of the students.

In this natural process, the sincerity and inspiration of the students provokes the teacher to open the door to further instruction and education on a personal level as well as organizational growth for the community as a whole. This relationship of mutual understanding assures an environment of integrity, clarity and trust for students traveling the path, and is the heart of our organization.

A Life of Study, Practice and Service

The path we follow in Mangala Shri Bhuti culminates in the teachings on Dzogchen, which are only transmitted and practiced in retreat. All students within Mangala Shri Bhuti orient their study and practice toward eventually receiving these teachings directly from Kongtrul Rinpoche. In preparation, students undertake a progression of practices and mind training along with a comprehensive course of study.

Service is also highly emphasized as an aspect of our development as students and is a central ethos of our organization. There are opportunities to serve by becoming involved in the activities of the sangha, or through supporting projects oriented toward helping those in need and maintaining the health and well-being of the Dharma.

Together, this culture of study, practice and service molds students into people who are, if it could be said in a word, more selfless than when they entered the path. This is an essential quality that Rinpoche looks for in a practitioner before suggesting that he or she enter retreat. In the solitude of retreat, students have the precious opportunity to deeply integrate their study and practice, allowing their understanding of the teachings to blossom into experience.

If there were a mission statement for MSB, it would be to support students to come into contact with their own enlightened nature, which is their natural inheritance as human beings.

“We sentient beings are all identical in continually moving toward joy and away from pain. Every one of us has the potential to attain lasting happiness and freedom from suffering. I find this universal sensitivity to be very beautiful and moving. But in order for us to realize our potential — to have our intentions and actions meet — we also need great wisdom. When we recognize this, we can then really appreciate the Buddha as the guide, the Dharma as the path, and the Sangha as our companions on the path.”

— Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

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