We have two main study and practice centers in America: Phuntsok Choling in Colorado and Pema Osel in Vermont. Rinpoche teaches the core MSB programs at these two centers. In addition, MSB has several city centers or groups around the world where people gather for group meditation and study, and to listen to the LINK teachings together.

Phuntsok Choling – Ward, Colorado

Located in the mountains near Boulder, Phuntsok Choling is the central meeting place for the sangha in Colorado. Students gather on Sunday mornings for group meditation and to hear the LINK teachings. Phuntsok Choling hosts several annual teaching and practice programs, including the Nyingma Summer Seminar, in this serene and picturesque setting.

Pema Osel Do Ngak Choling – Vershire, Vermont

Pema Osel, MSB’s study and practice center on the East Coast, sits among hills in a peaceful secluded valley near the Connecticut River. Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche’s vision for Pema Osel is that it serve his own students as well as the larger Buddhist community on the East Coast. Each year Kongtrul Rinpoche teaches here, and the community gathers on Sundays to sit and to listen to the live web streaming of the LINK teachings.

Longchen Jigme Samten Ling – Crestone, Colorado

Samten Ling is home to the Sangdo Palri Temple of Wisdom and Compassion and is MSB’s private retreat center, which has been supporting the MSB sangha since 1995. Samten Ling is a self-sufficient world, offering those on retreat a balanced mix of solitude and support that facilitates their deep engagement with the practices of this path. Our aspiration is that Samten Ling serve as a fertile ground on which the essence of the Longchen Nyingtik Lineage may ripen in many beings, now and long into the future. Retreat at Samten Ling is open to formal MSB students only.

The Sangdo Palri Temple of Wisdom and Compassion is open for visits by the public/community. Click here for information.

Osel Ling – Crestone, Colorado 

Osel Ling is a sangha community home where students sometimes gather together to practice.

MSB Japan – Kyoto and Izu

Tashi Gachil is MSB’s center in Kyoto. The Japanese sangha gather weekly for teachings and study groups, and Kongtrul Rinpoche teaches here once a year. Anyone is welcome to visit. In Izu, students gather at Tashi Choling for group and individual retreats.

Guna Institute – Bir, India

Guna Institute is MSB’s seat in India. A spacious communal shrine room housing the Kangyur is where the five-year Translator’s Degree Program took place. 

Guna Norling – Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

Guna Norling, overlooking the ocean in Salvador de Bahia, is MSB’s seat in Brazil. Rinpoche teaches a yearly MSB Brazil Shedra program, which is also open to the public. Guna Norling also serves as a community retreat center and Mangalam Dharma Center. Students gather there weekly for group practice and study.

City Centers and Groups: Mangalam Dharma Centers

Students and friends gather at these various locations for group meditation and to listen to the LINK teachings. Kongtrul Rinpoche, Dungse Jampal Norbu, and Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel each offer teachings at many of these centers, annually. For contact information or to find out about the activities happening at these centers, see Mangalam Dharma Groups or Mangalam Center Programs.


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