Awakening the Mind, Softening the Heart

An Introduction to the Practices of Self-Reflection and Meditation

Everyone knows the benefits of seeing a glass as half-full rather than half-empty. But few people know how to change their mindset, which colors the way they see, think, feel and act. If our habitual ways of seeing only lead us to be anxious, distressed, and dissatisfied, then why not do something about it? The Awakening the Mind, Softening the Heart Program is expressly designed for those interested in transforming their lives through changing not just their attitudes, but their entire mindset through the well-established Buddhist meditation practices of self-reflection and the four immeasurable qualities.

To enroll in this program, one need not be familiar with Buddhism, nor is there any expectation of participants becoming Buddhists. Belief in Buddhist principles, such as karma or reincarnation, is not required in order to learn and make use of these tools.

Course 1: Awakening the Mind, Softening the Heart

Being alive necessarily involves a certain amount of conflict, dissatisfaction, and pain, but the more we try to escape the physical and emotional pain we encounter, the more we find ourselves enmeshed in it. How do we get out of the vicious cycles we find ourselves in? This course teaches two meditation techniques that directly address this question.

Part 1: Self-Reflection

The first step in freeing ourselves from our painful mental and physical habits is focusing our minds inwardly to let our natural intelligence work out whatever causes us to become stuck in cyclic suffering. This process of self-reflection begins with an investigation into the causes and conditions that lead to various negative states of mind, such as our fixation on self-importance and the five self-centered emotions (attachment, aggression, stupidity, jealousy, and pride). By looking calmly and closely at our experience, we naturally and easily come to understand how our actions fail to meet our intentions and we come to discern the best, most immediate, and uplifted way to contentment.

Part 2: The Four Immeasurable Qualities

We all naturally long for greater fulfillment and meaning in life. However, our confusion leads us mistakenly to think this fulfillment lies in satisfying our own unsatisfiable desires. When we focus on developing four qualities—loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity— for the immeasurable benefit  to ourselves and all sentient beings, we discover first-hand that a good heart illuminates the way to greater happiness for all. As our openness and our heartfelt care shine forth, we glimpse the genuine path to fulfillment that we have always sought, and realize that a meaningful life has always been entirely within our reach. Once our minds become completely set upon awakening this potential within ourselves through these meditations, we are ready to set out upon the path.

After our introductory Mindset of Awakening course, we have further courses which introduce more Buddhist teachings and practices, and also introduce prospective students to the culture and traditions of Mangala Shri Bhuti. More information is available about these courses when one is enrolled in the introductory class.


Awakening the Mind, Softening the Heart lasts approximately 12 weeks. Courses begin regularly throughout the year and meet online through video conferencing. Web conference meetings will be offered periodically. Exact web conference dates and times will be determined based on instructor/participant availability. Web conference meetings will be recorded for later playback.

Course start date:

Summer 2022 (North America)
Awakening the Mind, Softening the Heart lasts approximately 12 weeks. The next course will start  within the summer 2022 season. The date/time of the regular webinar meetings for this summer course will be on Thursdays at 5pm Mountain Time. The exact start date for this course will be determined once the course is full. We will contact you at least a few weeks in advance when the exact start date is determined.

The webinar discussion meetings will occur twice per month. Online group meditation sessions may also be offered as part of your course. These are optional. Please note that participants can still take part in this course even if they aren’t able to attend the live webinar meetings. Space for this course is limited and early registration is encouraged since courses often fill up a full month before the course start date. Click here to view our MSB Online Learning FAQ and see below for more information on the registration process.

Registration – North America

There is a $100 registration fee for Course 1.  To register please visit the MSB STORE

You can expect a welcome email with more details about your course within a few days after registration. Click here to view our MSB Online Learning FAQ. Please note that all sales are final. No refunds.

Registration – Europe

There is a €100 registration fee for Course 1. Please complete your details and payment here to join the next course group. We will be in touch to confirm your registration and share course details. Feel free to contact us if you would like to set up a payment plan or have any other questions about this course. Click here to view our MSB Online Learning FAQ.


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