In the Vajra Assembly, Rinpoche discusses deep and subtle Vajrayana topics, such as devotion, pure perception and the sacred world, the power of our sixth consciousness or thoughts, and the importance of bodhicitta practice in post-meditation. While it is undoubtedly of great importance to understand these topics on their own, the connection we each have with Rinpoche, and the bond we share as vajra brothers and sisters, combine to bring them fully to life during this seminar. 

The strength of our community, now and into the future, depends on us applying these teachings both within ourselves and toward one another, committing wholeheartedly to being each other’s “keeper,” and thus bringing our bodhicitta practice to fruition right here within the sangha. In this way Rinpoche encourages us to fearlessly walk the path of the Longchen Nyingtik lineage.

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